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New Release – Known Issues

As you may have noticed, I just launched a new release on Friday, April 8th. I hope you like it. However, there are a few bugs. Thanks to everyone that has contacted me with information to help fix them. I’m actively working on fixes and will update this post as I deploy them.

Here’s the list:

  1. Some photo uploads are failing – Investigating
    WORKAROUND: Resize photos to 1920px wide before upload
  2. Times entered as pm later display as amFIXED!
  3. Errors creating and saving on Android devicesFIXED!
  4. Map page sometimes freezes after viewing slideshowFIXED!
  5. Some maps don’t saveFIXED!
  6. Error connecting to Facebook on mobile devices FIXED!
  7. Text is malformed on copied maps FIXED!
  8. Some password resets are not working FIXED!

Please email if you’re experiencing any of these issues (include a link to your map), or if there’s anything else that’s not working. I’m hard at work fixing these for you.

Also, here’s a list of features that are no longer available after this release

  1. Photo reordering COMING BACK SOON!
  2. Photo captions (little usage)
  3. Topics section on map page COMING BACK SOON!
  4. Link section on map page (little usage)
  5. Questions & Answers (little usage)
  6. Connect account to a Facebook Page (Facebook API changes)


Imported Facebook checkins not being added to map

Facebook has recently changed the way they deliver checkin/location data. Instead of sending one location for each place, they’re now sending multiple checkins with duplicate coordinates (one for every photo you uploaded for example). This has caused our import process to break in some cases.

If you’re creating a map from your Facebook checkins and the places aren’t displaying in the map, try the import again and uncheck any duplicate places in the list on the import page (leave the first one checked). Then create your map and the import should work correctly.