What is a BETA?

Calling a website “BETA” means that it’s an early version that may still have glitches here and there.  We’ve done our best to find and fix as many as we can, but as a Tripline Beta user, you may still find bugs, and certain features may not work as expected…especially on older browsers.

If you find a problem with the site, please let us know.  Here’s a link to a contact form: http://help.tripline.net/contact-support


what are characters?

Characters are a unique feature that allows you to add  famous or fictional people to  your trips. Say you’re interested in the life of Abraham Lincoln and you wanted to plot out the course of his funeral train as it traveled back to Illinois to lay him to rest. You can create a character for “Abraham Lincoln” and add him to your trip detailing the train’s journey. Using characters will build up a library of trips associated with these character which other users can search through if they are interested in that person.

NOTE: Before you create a new character, be sure to check if one exists already by typing the name in the existing characters box.

Can I set up a Tripline account without a Facebook account?

Absolutely.  If you do not have a Facebook account or choose to create a standalone Tripline account that is your choice. We do encourage the use of Facebook Connect as it allows you to maintain the relationships you’ve already created within Facebook, but that’s up to you.

To create an account without connecting to Facebook, just click [sign up] on the home page.  That will take you to the registration page where you can create a new account.