Can I add captions to my pictures?


Yes, we now support captions of up to 250 characters per photo.

Step 1. Once you’ve uploaded your pictures, click on the thumbnail to display it in the photo pane then click [edit caption] in the lower left corner.

Step 2.  An input box will open below the image where you can add your captions – up to 250 characters per image. When you’re done click SAVE and click on the image to cycle to the next picture in the sequence and repeat.

Your captions will display in the player (except on small players where there just isn’t enough room) For bigger players, we display one line of text, and up to three lines are displayed in full-screen view. We did it this way to maximize image space.

why is sharing disabled on one of my maps?

We disable sharing links on the map page for maps that you specify visibility : private or visibility : friends.  We also hide the embed code for these maps. While outside people couldn’t see these maps anyway, we wouldn’t want you to inadvertently post links that would just bring people to an error page – you’d have a lot of  explainin’ to do.  So we hide the buttons.

Note that for maps with visibility : friends, even if you have connected your Tripline account to Facebook, for privacy purposes on Tripline, your “friends” are your Tripline friends. So be sure to get your Facebook friends to connect to Tripline. When they do, they’ll be added as your Tripline friend automatically and will then be able to see your maps with visibility : friends.