How can I make my photo uploads go faster?

The easiest way to make your photo uploads go faster is to downsize your photos before uploading.

  1. Using your favorite desktop photo software (Picasa, iPhoto etc.), select the photos you want to upload, and export them to a folder on your desktop.  Usually the Export commands are in the File menu.
  2. During the export process, choose a small or medium size, and make sure you keep location information!
  3. Once you’re done with the export, upload the smaller photos.

You’ll be surprised how much faster your uploads will be, and most of the time you won’t notice the quality difference.

Can I reorder my photos?


Yes. Our newest update to the Tripline photo experience allows you to easily drag and drop images within a waypoint or between waypoints in your Tripline list.

Step 1. Once you’ve uploaded your pictures to a waypoint simply click on [arrange photos] under the row of photos on the trip page.

Step 2. This opens up a tan window at each waypoint. This is the target area for you to drag the desired image to, quickly and easily. Note: you can drag photos to different waypoints!

Step 3. Once you’re done arranging your pictures click Done to save.

Can I add captions to my pictures?


Yes, we now support captions of up to 250 characters per photo.

Step 1. Once you’ve uploaded your pictures, click on the thumbnail to display it in the photo pane then click [edit caption] in the lower left corner.

Step 2.  An input box will open below the image where you can add your captions – up to 250 characters per image. When you’re done click SAVE and click on the image to cycle to the next picture in the sequence and repeat.

Your captions will display in the player (except on small players where there just isn’t enough room) For bigger players, we display one line of text, and up to three lines are displayed in full-screen view. We did it this way to maximize image space.